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LIMA - Liquor Inventory Management Application

This application provides full fledge functionalities for retailers to manage Inventory, Sales...Etc. with integration of Indent management functionality with KSBCL application. This application also provides the analytical functionality for statistical department of excise ministry to take or suggest appropriate measures by identifying discrepancy in sales and other operations with consumption statistics of whole state being in its reach.

Features provided with this application

Retail Application

• Foundation Data Management (Product, Measurement, Cost, Price ...etc.) Sales and Inventory Capture with single entry.
• Cash Management Functionality.
• Indent Creation and Invoice Receiving functionality.
• Functionality to Capture Non-Liquor Expenses.
• Various Reports and Dashboards to visualize the Sales Performance, Inventory Availability, Consumption Rate, Cash Flow, Expenses...etc.
• Sales forecasting based on Events like New Year, Holiday Season...Etc.
• Ledger Management as per government rule and format.

Wholesale/Analytics for Government

• Prebuilt web services to integrate this functionality with Wholesale Distribution System (SBC- State Beverage Corporation) to allot stock for the indent.
• Single view of sales information for all divisions with full fledge analytical ability
• Pre-Built comparison of consumption and revenue statistics for authorities to focus their operations towards addressing the problem area.

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